Getting Around

Explore with Ease

Getting around in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is easy. If you prefer exploring the islands independently, there are several vehicle rental companies to choose from. For a more authentic experience, why not hop on-board our public buses? Water taxis and taxicabs are also available for private hire. If you want a comprehensive tour of the islands, there is a wide variety of tour companies offering specialised tours to choose from.

public transit pic

Public Transit

If you are looking for an authentic experience take public transport and you will get to experience the daily lifestyle, music, conversations and characters of Grenadian people. To identify your start and alighting point, zone stickers are placed at the front of each bus. There is always a conductor managing the passengers, who will be able to help if you need it. Local buses operate between the hours of 6.00am to 9.00pm from Monday to Saturday. Depending on your route, the fare can range from EC$2.50 to EC$6.50.


Car Rentals

If you prefer to enjoy the Spice Islands on your own time and hit a few spots in one day, renting a car may be the ideal choice. Grenada has several car rental companies to choose from. Rates range between approximately US$50 to US$75 per day. Renting a car for a longer duration usually results in lower daily rates. In the high season from July to August, rentals must be secured for a minimum of at least three days. Most rental car agencies require drivers to be 25 years and over. Before visitors get behind the wheel, they must first secure a Grenadian driving permit, which can be obtained by providing a valid driver’s license at the police station. The police station is location on The Carenage in the capital city of St Georges. A fee of EC$60 is required. Some rental companies provide drivers with a local permit as part of their service.


Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, business traveler or here with your family, there is a wide range of accommodation options to suit your needs.