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Island: Grenada
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Grenada is an island paradise just waiting to be explored and Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours is the premier guide that can take you on the most authentic Grenadian experiences. Whether it is a simple taxi service, airport transfer or an adventure tour or hike, our focus is to ensure your safety and security while providing a superior service.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that you get a chance to experience all Grenada has to offer especially its breathtaking nature and hidden treasures. Some of our most popular tours are: Hike to Golden Falls, The Northern Tour and Turtle Watching. We cater to singles, couples, families and groups. Call us today to help you Discover Grenada.

NB-Prices vary based on a number of variables including group size and itinerary.


Telephone: 1473 418 1921

Facebook: realgrenadiantaxiandtours


Taste of Grenada

Cost is depend on group size, we do private tours as well as group tours.
9am to 4pm days

This tour mixes attraction sites with culinary food options.

Annandale waterfall Marks rum tasting and spice Garden Grand Etang Rain Forest Fresh coconut water in Balthazar Buss Up Shot from Boogie B Roasted or Boil corn from Susan corn shack

Spice Foodie Tour

9am to 4pm days

Embark on a captivating culinary journey through Grenada, unveiling hidden gastronomic treasures that showcase the island’s authentic flavours and rich cultural heritage. This food tour takes you off the beaten path to discover what real Grenadians eat! Whether you’re a dedicated foodie or simply seeking an authentic experience, this tour offers a tantalizing adventure that captures the heart of Grenada’s culinary soul.

We have monthly public group tours which cost $200 ecd per person and we also do private tours. 1-2 persons $150 usd or $400 ecd person 3-5 persons $100 usd or $270 ecd per person 6-12 persons $80 usd or $220 ecd per person 13-20 persons $75 usd or $200 ecd person Over 20 persons $65 usd or 175 ecd person

Rum and Chocolate Tour

9am to 4pm days

  • Belmont Estate
  • Rivers Rum Distillery
  • Picnic luncheon at Pearl Airport Lunch “Local caribbean meal” and drinks inclusive Rum and Chocolate are great on their own but amazing when paired together, adding some sweetness and zing to your life. In this 6 hr hour tour, your first stop is at Belmont Estate. This over 300-year-old working agricultural estate transports you back to experience the rich history of growing organic cocoa and other produce in Grenada. Then, it brings you back to modern day in which Belmont’s certified organic cocoa is turned into exquisite dark chocolate. You will be spoiled for choice, trying to decide among the range of flavours at the Chocolate Shop. Your second stop is at River Antoine Estate to witness the intricate process of rum making as it was done centuries ago, complete with a fully functioning water wheel (oldest in the Southern Hemisphere). Guides take you through the process which ends with a tasting of the Estate’s award-winning products. To wind down from all the excitement, enjoy the rest of the tour with a flavorful Caribbean meal and picnic at the historic Pearl’s Airstrip, the site of Grenada’s first airport.

Golden Falls Hike

Dependent on group size
6-8 hrs days

A hidden gem located deep within the Grenadian Rain forest. This is the islands most interesting waterfall. Experience the thrill of a hot and cold outflow of water from the same waterfall. Are you an adventure hiker and want to experience the true natural off beaten paths of Grenada? Let’s hike to the amazing Golden Falls.

Cost is dependent on group size. 1-4 persons $100 usd or $270 ecd per person 5-10 persons $80 usd or $220 ecd per person 10 persons or more $75 usd or $200 ecd per person.

Out and About Grenada

Cost is dependent on group size
6 hours days

  • Marks Bar – Rum Tasting and Spice Garden Tour
  • Annandale Waterfall
  • Grand Etang rainforest
  • Fort Frederick
  • 2 hrs on Grand Anse Beach

Let’s go ‘Out and About’ with Real Grenadian. This 6-hour tour provides the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. The first stop at Mark’s Bar in Constantine is a great introduction to all things Grenadian. Mark starts you off with a tour of his aromatic Spice Garden, after which you are introduced to Grenada’s fragrant and award-winning rums, infused with Marks special blend of spices. Mark’s Bar is just a few metres from the pristine and breathtaking Annandale Waterfall, your second stop. Be sure to get your cameras out because the beauty is magical. Your third stop takes you to the historic Fort Frederick which offers amazing 360-degree views of St. George’s. Then finally, your tour ends with some well-earned relaxation on the World famous Grand Anse Beach with gorgeous turquoise water and sparkling white sand caressing your feet. (Wear light clothing, comfortable shoes and carry beach wear)

Water Adventures

dependent on group size
6 hours days

  • River Tubing
  • 3 hrs at Grand Anse Beach

Inclusive of drinks/ lunch If you’re a water lover then this tour is perfect for you. Grenada is blessed with flowing pristine, meandering rivers and streams that cool and refresh you on hot Caribbean days. Your adventure begins with river tubing, a guided tour in which you are sat in an inflatable tube and sent on your merry way down the river’s course. Expect to scream, shout and giggle as you bump along the stream, immersed in nature. Following a flavourful local lunch, head to the south of the island to relax or take a dip on the picturesque, two mile long Grand Anse Beach, a true jewel in Grenada’s crown. (Wear light clothing, comfortable shoes and carry beach wear).

Our team comprises of Delon Charles - Manager/Owner Curtis Mc Donald - Guide/Driver Keon Joseph - Guide Rosanna John - Business Partner Rohan - Guide

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