Biker Boi Scooter Rental

Island: Grenada
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Biker Boi Scooter Rental is located in Grand Anse St. George. We provide free delivery and pick-up anywhere in St. George’s. We are open daily and can deliver or pick up a scooter anytime from 7:00am to 7:00pm. We provide two helmets for the rider’s protection free of charge and none of our bikes has a mileage restriction.

Car Types


38USD daily or 200USD weekly
Passengers: 2

Gas powered, 150cc, 2 seater, each scooter comes with 2 helmets and a full tank o f gas to take you on your new journey.

It has a small storage under the seat and an optional tail box for extra storage.

From Our Ambassador

The scooter rental is currently operated by Mr. Jeremy Jeremiah, Who started this business from his love for bikes and exploring.

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