Carriacou Carnival

Carriacou Carnival affectionately called Kayak Mas is a Caribbean festival that offers authentic cultural experiences with a unique twist. Held in February in the pre-Lenten season, the Carnival blends accents of Carriacou’s African, French and English heritage represented in the music, street celebrations, mas bands, food, colours and splendor. While like mainland Grenada, the Jab Jab of J’ouvert, fancy mas bands and Monday Night mas street parade can be found, only Carriacou offers Shakespeare mas. Colourful masqueraders wearing masks, recite Williams Shakespeare’s plays in a friendly duel with mistakes met with playful taps from the opponent’s stick. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience to behold. The people, street celebrations, culture and food will leave you with a heady feeling of excitement and wonder.

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