Mocha Spoke Cafe

Mocha Spoke Cafe

Type: Bistros & Cafes | Location: Grenada
True Blue, St. George’s | 1 (473) 533 2470 | | Visit Website

We are a cafe in Grenada, West indies that brews the best coffee and espresso in the Caribbean. We also offer a variety of cold drinks to cool you off such as smoothies and many unique refreshing drinks.

Mocha Spoke also offers bicycle rentals and tours and we believe that the best way to explore Grenada (and life) is by moving at the speed of bike.

At Mocha Spoke we believe that a good cup of coffee and/or a bike ride can help solve all of the world’s problems, so we’re here to provide the tools necessary to make that happen.

We love the great conversations and memories that can come over a cup of coffee or a bike ride, so we offer up the best each day…..and then let the magic happen.