Annandale Community Project

Annandale Community Project

Location: Grenada
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Annandale Waterfall is home to the Annandale Community Garden where members of the surrounding community can come to cultivate the kitchen garden, taking produce parcels as needed at no cost. This encourages healthy eating in homes that otherwise could not afford the cost of consistent healthy diets. This program teaches the community the importance of the farm-to-table experience and builds pride in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Farming duties including planting, reaping and cleaning produce

  • Teaching at nearby schools about the importance of eating what you grow

  • Donations of garden tools, greenhouse equipment and seeds are encouraged

Contact: Zaheer Hamid & Fiona Hamid; Managing Directors
Phone: +1(473)423-4867 / 449-7588

Voluntourism Type: Farming