Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls

Island: Grenada
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The word ‘Royal’ is fitting when describing this majestic waterfall. Also known as Marquis Falls, this natural wonder located in the parish of St.Andrew, offers breathtaking views of a cascading curtain of water flowing 70 feet down a rocky cliff face to the pool below. The surrounding garden and lush vegetation offers a tranquil spot to connect with nature and reinvigorate your spirit. If you do not wish to get yourself wet then just have a picnic with some snacks and soak in the beauty or get that camera out to capture the majesty and memories. The falls can be easily reached with a gentle 30 minute hike through a private plantation, where local spices and fruits are grown. It is difficult to get lost, as the sound of the falls will lead you directly there. An entrance fee is charged by the owners of the property, and guides are available, should you require one.

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Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls Marquis St. Andrews

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Saint Andrew, GD
4:27 am, June 15, 2024
weather icon 28°C
L: 28° H: 28°
few clouds
79 %
1014 mb
14 mph ESE
Wind Gust: 0 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 9:42 am
Sunset: 10:32 pm

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