Rome Museum

Island: Grenada
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Though small, Rome’s Museum is packed with big personality and invites you to take look back at what life was like in Grenada decades ago. Proudly curated by Joseph Rome, the rustic museum located in St.Andrew is full of Grenadian relics, from dated kitchen items to tools and everyday household items. See how Grenadians baked bread and pastries in mud ovens or marvel at handmade juice extractors, husk hairbrushes, irons you fill with charcoal and stoves and a fridge powered by kerosene. Open weekly Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, Mr. Rome expertly entertains with full demonstrations of how the items were used and takes pleasure in encouraging you to try them yourselves. Admission fee is EC$5 for adults and EC$3 for children; well worth the visit.

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Rome Museum St. Andrew, Grenada

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Saint Andrew, GD
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