Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

Island: Grenada
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The GSPCA is a non-profit organization employing a full team that works at the shelter’s veterinary hospital. They are committed to providing all animals that come through the doors with the best possible love, care and attention until their forever families can be found. Animals that come to us are either abused, neglected, abandoned or strays. They strive to educate the communities on the island on animal care, and on the benefits of spaying and neutering. Dog overpopulation is a huge problem on the island, and thus we are committed to hosting spay and neuter clinics (when funding can be provided) and hosting educational visits to schools across the island. They promote responsible pet ownership and help in ensuring newly adopted animals settle in well in their new environment.

Volunteer services are needed year-round for the following activities:

  • take a dog out for a day to the beach, on a hike, or the rain forest, etc.
  • come to the shelter for an hour or two and walk a few dogs in the botanical gardens
  • commit to a morning to help bath puppies, socialize kittens, wash food bowls, etc.
  • commit to some maintenance work at the shelter e.g, paint a wall, and a cupboard, fix a fence, etc.

Contact:  Luana Minors

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