Grenada National Museum

Island: Grenada
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Whether it is the actual building or the artefacts within, the Grenada National Museum offers a window into the exciting chapters of Grenada’s history with informative displays and tours. Located in the heart of St. George’s on the corner of Young and Monckton Streets, the Grenada National Museum was opened in 1976. However, the late 1700s building and compound have a colourful history as French Barracks, a prison until the late 1850s and later three hotels and a warehouse for a local merchant.

On the inside the museum displays historical artefacts and collections focusing on the first inhabitants, the European arrival, slavery, plantation economy, early transport and technology, the former whaling industry and colonial era among other periods. Also represented are major political and social events such the island’s gaining of independence, the Grenada Revolution and the assassination of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Interestingly there is marble bathtub on display said to have been used by Empress Josephine Bonaparte when she was a child. Additionally, the native Grenadian culture is also well represented through its festivals and other ways of life. A token entry fee will gain you full access.

Activities at the National Museum include live cultural performances: jazz, dancing, drumming, singing and poetry. The Museum also offers an outdoor café and bistro in which you can enjoy a meal in the historical setting.

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Young Street, St George's, Grenada

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