Carriacou Maroon and Stringband Music Festival

The Carriacou Maroon and Stringband Music Festival is one of the purest cultural experiences in the world, merging the African maroon celebration and string band music into one unique setting. Held at the end of April annually, the festival celebrates the maroons who escaped slavery and built their own communities whilst preserving African heritage and culture. It also focuses on remembering the ancestors and giving thanks for life and a good harvest. Over three days, one will delve into the experience in which its African origins are depicted through drumming, singing, smoked food and other rituals which bring people together.

Stringband music and Quadrille dancing in the streets are added ingredients that sweeten the pot. One of the highlights of the Carriacou Maroon is the eating and sharing of smoked food commonly consisting of rolled rice, provisions, a choice of meat prepared in large pots over a fireside and shared with all by villagers. Also, the pulse of the big drum is sure to have you fixated on the dancers in colorful head wraps and large skirts moving rhythmically to the deep sounds. As we say, once you have experienced the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival, your life will never be the same!

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