Modeliste Magazine is hailed as the ultimate backstage pass to fashion, beauty, travel, art and style and capitalizes on its ability to influence the coveted target demographic between the ages of 21 to 50. The Grenada Tourism Authority was delighted that Grenada was chosen to be the destination of choice to host a group of seven social media influencers for a familiarization trip.

Familiarization trips play an important part in the ongoing thrust of strategic tourism goals for Grenada. They aid in allowing influencers with large followings on various social platforms to experience the destination and its offerings first-hand. Showcasing the best Grenada has to offer and displaying our culture, attractions and products to a wide global audience assures top of mind awareness about the destination to their respective social media following.

The tourism officials at GTA curated a packed itinerary designed to capture an array of interests that spoke to Grenada’s core tourism areas such as culinary excursions, historical and cultural tours and health and wellness activities in addition to sailing and dive exploration, visiting hotspots and an introduction to Caribbean entertainment.

CEO of the GTA Petra Roach was delighted that Grenada was chosen to host these top influencers as their combined social reach will engage an audience of over 2 million potential visitors worldwide, “The audience these influencers bring is quite significant and gives us the opportunity to not only highlight Grenada but attract a new demographic who may have never heard of us. We can capitalize on this visibility in a tangible and authentic way by working with these influencers to promote and drive awareness as they can now truly speak from first hand experience.”