Duquense Bay

Island: Grenada
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Off the beaten path and worth finding. Take pleasure in the simple things in life as you stroll across this bay from end to end, enjoying the beautiful scenery and cool ocean breeze carrying the laughter of the local villagers who come together to socialize and play sports or engage in fishing. This Bay located in the rural parish of St.Mark, is also home to fascinating Amerindian petroglyphs, which provide a window through which one can imagine what life was like centuries ago. At the other end of the bay, one can spot the neighbouring Isle de Caille and Isle de Ronde.

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Dusquene St. Mark, Grenada

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Saint Mark, GD
5:45 pm, June 15, 2024
weather icon 29°C
L: 29° H: 29°
few clouds
79 %
1013 mb
15 mph E
Wind Gust: 19 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 9:42 am
Sunset: 10:32 pm

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