St. George’s, Grenada W.I. – May 12, 2023

Grenada, known as the spice island of the Caribbean, is hosting its second annual, week-long Dive & Conservation Festival from May 29 – June 5, 2023. The festival, an unprecedented gathering of global leaders in marine conservation, will bring together many experts, including government representatives, environmental advocacy organizations, scientists, researchers, and tourism industry partners.

The Grenada Dive Festival has grown since its inception in 2018. In 2022, in celebration of Grenada’s aquatic and terrestrial efforts, the festival evolved to incorporate conservation activities. This year’s festival is a partnership and collaboration between Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Grenada Scuba Diving Association, and several conservation groups including Grenada Coral Restoration Foundation, Ocean Spirits, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and Women in Cleantech & Sustainability – Caribbean Hub.

“Sustainability is central to our value set as a destination,” stated Petra Roach, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA). “Grenada is leading the way in marine conservation by creating protected areas for endangered species, coral gardening and restoration, regulating plastic waste, and promoting sustainable fishing practices. The Dive & Conservation Festival aims to provide a platform to raise awareness of these efforts and bring together global marine conservation leaders to discuss further ways to protect our oceans. Last year’s inaugural Dive & Conservation Festival inspired many necessary sustainability and conservation conversations and the GTA is proud to lead the charge again this year.”

Tiffany Geer, of Aquanauts Grenada, highlighted the importance of collaboration within the path to sustainability. According to Geer, “We chose to live in Grenada because of the incredible diversity above and below the surface. We saw how many groups were taking action towards sustainability and we knew this would be a place where we could collaborate with other organizations and make a lasting impact towards a sustainable future.”

The 2023 Dive & Conservation festival will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about land and sea conservation practices in Grenada while enjoying conservation conversations and in-person activities throughout the week. The festival starts on Monday 29 May with a special screening of Chasing Coral at True Blue Bay Resort and transitions into a week of activities on land and under water, including wreck diving, reef diving and restoration with Grenada Coral Reef Foundation, lionfish hunting, a beach cleanup, sea turtle conservation voluntourism, culinary farm to table dining, sustainable sailing, bird watching and tree planting.

Below is the schedule of events for this year’s Dive & Conservation Festival:

  • Day 1, Monday, May 29: Welcome to Dive & Conservation Festival – The festival starts with opening remarks from our community partners, followed by a conservation conversation and a private screening of Chasing Coral at Dodgy Dock, True Blue Bay Resort.
  • Day 2, Tuesday, May 30: Wreck Diving & Chocolate – Grenada is a unique diving destination, offering scuba enthusiasts the opportunity to explore more than 15 shipwrecks. Of particular note is the ‘Bianca C’, often referred to as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’. At over 400 feet in length, it is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and provides an unforgettable experience for any diver. Dive Grenada will host a conservation conversation followed by a wreck dive and visit to the underwater pyramids of Grand Anse. Attendees will also have the chance to explore the Shakem & Veronica L wrecks.

And for those looking to explore more than Grenada’s underwater offerings, Mount Cinnamon and the Grenada Cocoa Association will host a conservation conversation showcasing local cocoa traditions and chocolate-based cocktails to educate visitors about Grenadian culture and support conservation efforts across the region.

  • Day 3, Wednesday, May 31: Coral Reef Restoration & Diving – Grenada’s vibrant coral reefs are now more accessible than ever with the help of Aquanauts Grenada, who are offering a unique one-day excursion that allows visitors to explore and help restore these amazing underwater ecosystems. Guests will start the day with a conservation conversation focusing on the projects being led by the Grenada Coral Restoration Foundation. After this informative talk, they can hop aboard ‘Reggae’ – the company’s boat – and visit the world-famous Underwater Sculpture Park, which National Geographic named one of the most extraordinary places. The journey continues with a visit to Gouyave, where guests can participate in coral reef gardening and cleaning projects before taking a break for some complimentary refreshments and snacks provided by Aquanauts Grenada. Finally, visitors will return to True Blue for an unforgettable experience that will inspire them to do their part in preserving our planet’s precious marine life. Aquanauts Grenada is committed to helping people connect with nature meaningfully and empowering them to become active stewards of our oceans.


  • Day 4, Thursday, June 1: World Reef Awareness Day – Enjoy a beach bash at Morne Rouge Beach (BBC) at the Wild Woods Park, where we will address climate activism, plastic pollution, and community efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. Attendees can collect trash to create upcycled art; we will have a craft table dedicated to a collaborative art project with the trash we collect. Guests can enjoy volleyball, water sports (kayaking, snorkeling), complimentary refreshments, and snacks on the picturesque BBC beach. In the afternoon, we will have a conservation conversation led by Ocean Spirits Kate Charles regarding their research in the northeast side of Grenada, evaluating the current status of the leatherback sea turtle nesting population and pioneering conservation efforts. That evening, six lucky participants can contribute to the Grenada voluntourism program and join the research team for a full night patrol monitoring leatherback sea turtles at Levera Beach.
  • Day 5, Friday, June 2: Culinary & Sustainable Sailing – Grenada offers something unique: a farm-to-table cooking class led by renowned plant-based chef Volcan Vegan – Joachim. We kickstart this culinary experience with a conservation conversation where participants will be able to go on a guided tour of the farm, hand-selecting their ingredients before learning how to prepare a traditional Grenadian dish. From identifying the herbs and spices used in the recipe to harvesting the fruits and vegetables that go into it, this interactive experience offers something for everyone who loves food. Joachim’s farm-to-table cooking class is the perfect way to explore one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands while experiencing its culinary culture firsthand. That evening attendees will set sail with Savvy Sailing, where eco-conscious sailors will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable sailboat operations and sailing techniques during our conservation conversation. This unique event combines the excitement of a trip out on the open water with valuable lessons on ways for sailors to help protect and preserve our planet’s delicate ecosystems. The participants will learn how to build boats with environmentally friendly materials, reduce carbon emissions, and explore various sailing techniques that help minimize fuel consumption and promote energy efficiency. Experienced instructors will also provide tips on navigating safely while protecting local wildlife and respecting habitats in the areas visited. Join us for an unforgettable evening of fun and relaxation on our sunset sail! Enjoy the sights as the day turns to night, with freshly prepared refreshments and snacks.
  • Day 6, Saturday, June 3: Reef Cleanup & Lionfish Hunting and Live Music – We are excited to offer attendees the opportunity to participate with Aquanauts Grenada in reef cleanup and lionfish hunting dives in the morning, followed by a Lionfish Tacos and Live Music Event in the evening at West Indies Brewery. Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean that need to be eradicated for the ecosystem’s health, so it’s a full day of eco-fun and sustainable eats. The evening event will showcase live music by Special Guests, a conservation conversation educational experience about the invasive Lionfish species, delicious Lionfish tacos + Lionfish ‘n chips, and your favorite craft beer. Proceeds from the Lionfish meals go towards Aquanauts Grenada’s local Aqua Rangers Youth Development Program.
  • Day 7, Sunday, June 4: Bird Watching – Grenada is an exciting destination for birdwatchers! With over 160 species, including numerous migrants, endemics, and rare species, birding in Grenada promises to be a remarkable experience. The island is home to two endemic species – the beautiful and vibrant Grenada Tanager and the rare Grenada Dove – and many endemic subspecies. Visitors can join expert Vaughan Francis at Blue Horizons Garden Resort for a conservation conversation followed by beginner birdwatching tours and evening advanced bird-watching tours around Grand Etang Lake – a great way to discover the amazing wildlife of Grenada! With so much to see and learn, it’s no surprise that more and more people are discovering this tropical paradise every day.
    • Morning (Beginner) – binoculars provided
      • 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    • Evening (Advanced)
  • Day 8, Monday, June 5: Plant a Tree & Closing Ceremony – Our closing ceremony will take place at The Tower Estate, renowned for its lush gardens and breathtaking views, offering guests the opportunity to experience a unique combination of activities. Begin with a Slow Flow & Sound Healing yoga session with Tiffany Geer, a delicious Grenadian breakfast, and a scented garden tour with an expert, Stephen Dirkes, of Euphorium Brooklyn. We will host our final conservation conversation of the festival in the garden and end it by planting tree saplings to honor conservation and collaboration. It’s the perfect way to get outside and explore nature while connecting with the local community. Join us for this unforgettable experience!


For all activities other than diving, please contact GTA to book:


Additional Opportunities:


May 29 – June 4 | Pyramids of Grand Anse –  Dive Grenada

Pyramids of Grand Anse, located just off the coast of Grenada, is a mesmerizing underwater paradise that offers some of the most breathtaking scuba diving and snorkeling experiences in the world. Mt Cinnamon water sports has been pioneering tours of this majestic location and makes it easy to explore its wonders with daily excursions from 10 AM to 3 PM. The Pyramids of Grand Anse are an incredible sight to behold, featuring a wide range of marine life, vibrant coral gardens, pristine seagrass meadows, and ancient shipwrecks. The area has become a popular destination for diving enthusiasts thanks to its crystal-clear waters and diverse aquatic environment. With an experienced tour guide, visitors can safely navigate the stunning underwater terrain and take in spectacular views while navigating the pyramids themselves.

From beginners to seasoned professionals, all are welcome on Mt Cinnamon water sports’ Pyramids of Grand Anse excursions. Whether you choose to tackle the depths with professional scuba gear or take in the scenery from above with snorkel equipment – no experience is necessary! Come join Mt Cinnamon water sports for some unforgettable underwater exploration and create memories you’ll cherish forever!


June 2nd – 4th | Scents of Grenada

The Tower Estate invites guests to discover the aromatic wonders of Grenada on the Scents of Grenada: The Perfumer’s Garden Tour. Over the span of June 2nd-4th, visitors can explore a tropical oasis steeped in fragrance and uncover the diverse bouquets of Grenada’s natural offerings. Guests will be able to participate in unique activities such as sampling fragrant drinks and snacks, attending workshops with experts from various industries, visiting a marketplace full of local vendors, and indulging in unique pairings and perfumed feasts with knowledgeable distillers, blenders, mixologists, culinary professionals, tea blenders, ice cream makers, chocolate makers, jam-and-syrup makers, horticulturalists and environmental advocates. Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to smell your way through one of the Caribbean’s most lush destinations!