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CTO Post Conference Tours

Island: Grenada
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Sustainable Tourism Conference 2024 POST CONFERENCE TOURS Option 1

8:20 am – 1pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Swimwear

Dive into the mesmerizing world of the Underwater Sculpture Park, where art seamlessly
integrates with the ocean. Snorkel through the vibrant hues of Flamingo Bay and Dragon
Bay, encountering a kaleidoscope of marine life and coral gardens. As the journey
deepens, plunge into the mysteries of Molinere Reef, a submerged realm teeming with
exotic marine species.

Option 2: Rum and Chocolate Excursion

9am – 2pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Comfortable shoes, Swimwear, Sunscreen

Our Rum and Chocolate Excursion involves two exciting options: full or half day tour.
Our ½ day option involves visiting the breathtaking Annandale Waterfall, a stunning
backdrop for an exquisite rum and chocolate tasting. Various distilleries and chocolate
factories unite in this enchanting setting, offering a symphony of flavors. Savor locally
crafted rums and relish the rich, velvety notes of Grenadian chocolate.
Opt for an immersive journey to St. Patrick’s historic parish, 53 minutes away from the town
of St. George. Explore the River Antoine Rum Distillers, home to the Caribbean’s only
working water wheel. Witness the age-old art of rum-making in this historic setting.
Continue to Belmont Estate, for an in-depth look at chocolate production—from tree to bar.

Option 3: Spicey Enchantment

9am – 2pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Comfortable shoes, Sunscreen, Insect Repellant

Venture on a delightful journey through the spice-rich wonders of Grenada, beginning at De
La Grenade Industries. Here, you witness the meticulous creation of delectable Grenadian
products. Continue your exploration at “Bayleaf”, a quaint teahouse situated in the former
nutmeg processing station in Vincennes, St David. Indulge in local spice teas, cookies, and
ice creams. The expedition culminates at the Vendor’s Craft and Spice Market, a lively
marketplace filled with handmade treasures. Immerse yourself in its vibrant ambiance,
choosing souvenirs that capture the essence of Grenada.

Option 4: Chasing Waterfalls

9am – 3pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Swimwear, Comfortable shoes, Insect Repellent,

Discovering Grenada’s waterfalls, such as Aldelphi, Mount Carmel, and Concord, is a
captivating immersion in nature’s wonders. Aldelphi offers a serene oasis surrounded by
tropical greenery, while Mount Carmel enchants with its majestic rainforest setting. Concord’s
triple cascades showcase Grenada’s diverse landscapes, each tier providing a unique
perspective. These waterfalls beckon adventurers to experience the island’s natural beauty,
offering moments of tranquility and awe amid their refreshing waters and lush surroundings.

Option 5: Caribbean Crafted: Carriacou’s Boat Building Legacy

8am – 2pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Comfortable shoes,

The primary aim of the expedition to Carriacou is to delve into the rich maritime heritage of
the island, specifically focusing on the time-honored art of boat building. The goal is for
delegates to be immersed in the skilled craftsmanship of local boat builders, learning
about traditional techniques passed down through generations. The journey seeks to
provide a firsthand experience of the meticulous process of crafting vessels that have
played a crucial role in the island’s history and culture.

Option 6: Carriacou BioRocks Project

8am – 2pm days

Dress code: Casual Clothing, Comfortable shoes, Swimwear

Embarking on a tour of the Bio rock Pilot Project in Carriacou presents a captivating
opportunity for delegates to delve into the world of innovative reef restoration. The
educational journey offers insights into the Biorock technology, emphasizing the
scientific principles behind coral reef conservation.

Option 7: Spice Foodie Tour

9am – 3pm days

Dress Code: Casual Clothing, Comfortable shoes, Swimwear

Embark on our Spice Foodie Tour, where culture and culinary delights intertwine, offering a tantalizing exploration of this tropical paradise. Traverse the vibrant landscapes of Grenada, indulging in authentic local cuisine at various stops along the way. Sink your teeth into the rich flavors of potato pudding baked in traditional tin ovens or savor the smoky aroma of roasted corn cooked over coal pots. This journey is your gateway to experiencing the true essence of Grenada through its delectable dishes.

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