Wondering Soles

Wondering Soles

Location: Grenada
Mt. Moritz, St. George, Grenada | (473) 423-0550 | info@wonderingsolesgrenada.com | Visit Website

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Wondering Soles is a hiking company that offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the real essence of Grenada.

Wondering Soles was established by a team of Grenadians who are passionate about their country and who love the outdoors. We want to share our island with you and give you the chance to see parts of Grenada that are not typical tourist attractions.

Our motto is ‘Conscious Hiking’, and we aim to connect you with nature and with Grenada and all that it has to offer. On our hikes, you will get the opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste Grenada.

We look forward to joining ‘Soles’ and ‘Wondering’ throughout the island together.

Attraction Type: Hiking Trails

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