St. George’s, October 27 2022 

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is pleased to announce that September visitor arrivals recorded an 11% global increase from 2019, Grenada’s benchmark year for visitor arrivals.

The US market recorded a 55% increase from 2019, a result of the increase in capacity from JetBlue, as well as increased load factors on JetBlue and American Airlines. Arrivals from the UK market were also up, recording an increase of 21% with strong performances from Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. The German market recorded a 39% increase.

“Despite our direct airlift from Canada and Europe coming back online in November and with the Caribbean flights not back to pre pandemic levels, we are heartened by such a strong performance during a traditional trough month.  It therefore shows that our strategy of focusing on diverse and inclusive local experiences especially at the community level and promoting Grenada as a tri-island destination, focused on sustainability and resiliency is working as is our commitment to strengthening our stakeholder partnerships and getting as many of them to visit our islands and experience them firsthand” stated Petra Roach, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority.  “From November 3, we look forward to the return of our full complement of international airlift with the resumption of service from Air Canada, Sunwing and Condor in November.”

Danika Cherman, Managing Director of Coyaba Beach Resort, said “There is no doubt that the last two years have been a challenge for many businesses. While we are not out of the woods yet, the increase in visitors to Grenada over the last few months has filled me with hope and optimism that this is just the beginning, and we are turning a corner to a more positive way forward.”

Marie Fielden, General Manager of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, is encouraged by the increase in visitors over the last few months. “In 2019, our average occupancies in the summer, with the exception of Spicemas, were around 70%. This year, we saw a huge increase in tourists from the US and UK in the summer months, with average occupancies of 90 – 95% with our average rates.”

Reports from travel advisors and tour operators in the major source markets continue to paint a very positive picture of strong demand for the destination.