Clearance Procedures

All vessels and crew seeking clearance into Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique must do so at the following official Ports of Entry (Camper Nicholson Port Louis Marina, St. George’s; Tyrell Bay Marina, Harvey Vale, Carriacou) Vessels should anchor with your Q Flag and the courtesy flag of Grenada from the starboard spreader of your main mast while clearance formalities are carried out. Grenada uses the Red Right Returning Rule, which means red buoys mark the starboard side when approaching.

A user-friendly, one-page form outlining the required information for Immigration and Customs officials, and the Grenada Ports Authority facilitates clearance procedures. Five copies on legal-sized paper are required for Customs and Immigration.


When leaving Grenada, vessels can exit here:
  • Spice Island Marina, Prickly Bay
  • Hillsborough, Carriacou
  • Grenada Marina, St. David’s
  • Le Phare Bleu, Petit Calivigny Bay,
  • Grenville Sea Port, Grenville, St. Andrew
Captains must provide documentations:
  • Three crew and/or passenger lists
  • Immigration cards for crew members and passengers landing
  • Ships, stores and health declaration
  • A port clearance from the last port of call
  • ID for crew and passengers, a valid passport or birth certificate,


A valid passport and return or onward ticket is required for all visitors. However, proof of citizenship bearing a photograph is acceptable from British, Canadian, and US citizens. A visa is not required from citizens of the US, Canada, UK, British Commonwealth, Caribbean countries (except Cuba), most European countries, South Korea, and Japan.


Customs and immigration offices at marine bases are generally open, Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 14:00 pm. When departing, you may clear out during normal working hours and leave within 24 hours. For the convenience of both officer and client, we suggest attending the office by 3:00 pm in order to complete formalities before the end of the working day. If you know you will need to clear in or out outside office hours, we recommend contacting the relevant office by phone or in-person in advance as arrangements can usually be made if necessary.


Grenada’s favourable positioning below the hurricane belt offers fantastic year-round sailing and provides the perfect starting point to explore the Grenadines and with fully equipped marinas and boatyards, all you need is to hoist your sail to catch that fresh Caribbean breeze.