Lisa’s makes unique Jewelery using Grenadite-Grenada”s jewel- with precious metals depicting Grenada’s natural beauty and splendor.

Lisa’s Grenadite – the Jewel from Grenada

Island: Grenada
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The first settlers to Grenada are thought to have been Amerindians from South America some two thousand years ago.

Theses Caribs or Kalinagos as they were called set up communities throughout the Caribbean.

On the island of Grenada the Kalinagos discovered a green stone, as precious as diamonds to them, and produced Jewelry from this stones.

Through their knowledge and expertise of the culture and history of the Kalinagos the owners of Lisa’s have been able to find the green stone. The stone has been aptly named Grenadite – the Jewel from Grenada and is the backbone of a unique Jewelry collection available only at Lisa’s.

Grenadite belongs to the family of semi-precious stones, such as Turquise, Citrine or Tanzanite. Geologically speaking it registers between Three and five on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Grenadite is available in different shades of green. In Lisa’s workshop the Grenadite is cut, shaped and polished.

The old mystic motifs combined with modern skills are the ingredients for Lisa’s wonderful, unique Jewelry line designed and crafted in the Atelier and workshop located in the Museums-complex in the historical part of St. George’s.

Lisa, the creator of each piece of Jewelry also is inspired by Grenada’s natural beauty and splendour, creating Jewelry Art depicting the culture and people of Grenada’s both past and present. What’s more, the creator produces Jewelry by her own vision of the world; each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

For a truly unique and timeless treasure visit Lisa at her shop in the Musums- complex and see how Grenada’s spices, National dish, Waterfall are captured as a piece of Jewelry and take home a piece of Grenada’s finest.

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