Levera Beach

Island: Grenada
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This popular beach within the Levera National Park is perfect for families or couples wanting a romantic laid-back experience due to its sheer beauty. The long beach with its sparkling white sand and lush vegetation offers wonderful views of the cone-shaped Sugar Loaf Island, Green Island, and Sandy Island just a stone’s throw away. Between the beach and distant islands are beautiful living coral, colorful and exotic tropical fish, and sea grass beds that shelter the lobsters. These areas provide prime scuba diving spots. It is recommended that novice swimmers be cautious due to currents in the area.

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Levera Beach St. Patrick, Grenada

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Saint Patrick, GD
4:50 pm, May 29, 2024
weather icon 32°C
L: 32° H: 32°
light rain
Humidity 81 %
Pressure 1013 mb
Wind 17 mph ENE
Wind Gust: 21 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.01 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 9:40 am
Sunset: 10:27 pm

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