Laura’s Herb & Spice Garden

Island: Grenada
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Grenada is world renowned as the isle of spice…and this rich heritage is evident in the pride displayed at Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden. Located near Perdmontemps in St. David, the garden is dedicated to all things spices including trees and herbs. Knowledgeable guides take you along a trail paved with nutmeg shells passionately introducing each spice in its most natural form. It is a very hands-on experience in which you are allowed to touch and enjoy the wonderful smells of the spices including cinnamon, ginger, pimento, chadon beni, nutmeg and many more. The tour is also very educational as along the trail path, you can see the botanical, family and scientific names for all the plants grown in the garden. Following the tour, take some to relax in their wooden gazebo or explore the gift shop just before you leave.

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Laura’s Herb & Spice Garden Perdmontemps St. David, Grenada

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Saint David, GD
7:58 pm, June 14, 2024
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1012 mb
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