ST. GEORGES, Grenada – July 14th, 2021 Media Release

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is pleased to announce the appointments of Mrs. Cherisse David-Hamid, Marketing & Sales  Manager and Mr. Emil Edwards, Sales Manager for the UK market. The GTA is also elated to announce the commencement of the GTA’s Mentorship Programme which will be led by the newly appointed CEO, Ms. Petra Roach. Mr. Edwards is the first inductee of this recently established Mentorship Programme.

The Mentorship Programme was announced at a press conference hosted by the GTA on April 7th, 2021. Speaking on the mentorship programme, Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Minister for Tourism stated that “Tourism is not just about building hotels, we also have to build people”. This programme will be implemented by the GTA to develop the skills of tourism professionals through exposure to real-life leadership situations, as well as coaching and training.

This new team will be working with our public relations and marketing agencies in the US and UK to increase Grenada’s representation in the source markets while executing the GTA marketing strategy that supports the talented local team.

The new Marketing & Sales Manager, Mrs. David-Hamid is the holder of a Masters in Communications and brings with her a wealth of hands-on tourism experience, gained from many years working in the broader tourism and hospitality sector in multiple roles spanning hotel administration, customer service and tour operations. Mrs. Hamid is excited to use her knowledge of Grenada and her experience in the tourism sector, to increase and enhance Grenada’s presence on the world stage.

Mr. Emil Edwards is an entrepreneur and is the holder of a Master’s in Marketing. He is a bright young Grenadian who will act as a focal point for recalibrating Grenada’s UK representation. He will begin his capacity-building training in Grenada for three months under the tutelage of Ms. Roach, before embarking on his duties in the United Kingdom later in the year.