Crayfish Bay Organic Estate

Island: Grenada
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About Crayfish Bay

Crayfish Bay Organic Estate is located on the North West Caribbean Coastline of the Island of Grenada, West Indies, far away from the regular tourist areas.

Severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this idyllic retreat has been lovingly restored over the past ten (10) years and is now fully restored as an operating organic cocoa estate with a small chocolate factory. The estate has two cottages that offer self-catering accommodation for back packers, adventure tourists, nature lovers and chocolate enthusiasts.

During the 17th Century the estate was known as “Non Pariel” which when translated means – as without equal or without parallel. Non Pariel was the site of a large French Molasses Factory and some of it ruins and artifacts are still visible today.

In the 18th Century Non Pariel came under British rule and was renamed Crayfish Bay and became a working cocoa estate.

Guest access

Presently at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate we offer accommodation to those who would like something different from the usual beach resort holiday. With its off-the-beaten-track and back-to-basics atmosphere it provides a truly authentic Caribbean experience.

Crayfish Bay is run by a mixed batch of people: Kim, an English drifter who washed up on the Island some thirty years ago; Lylette, his partner; and Gabri, a local gentleman who takes charge of the farming side of life.

There are seven buildings on the estate. As you enter the property, on the left you can see a wooden construction with drawers underneath on runners.  These are the drying drawers for the cocoa.

The next building on your right is fondly called “Chicken Shack.” It is our informal ‘hang-out’ spot and has a small living space with one bedroom, kitchen, and a bathroom below.

Opposite ‘Chicken Shack’ is our tiny Chocolate factory where we now spend much of our time making our delicious chocolate which is rapidly gaining recognition both locally and worldwide.

The big white house is a Bucan and this is where we live. There is a kitchen upstairs where we cook and eat and serve meals for all of our guests who opt to eat with us.

Then there is the workshop to the left of the Bucan.

The wooden house above the workshop is the Little House” with two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, outside kitchen and a very big balcony.

The Little House is set up specifically for guest accommodation.

Finally, above the Chocolate factory and overlooking everything is the ‘Tree House’. As the name implies the house is located amongst the trees and gives a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

Here at Crayfish Bay Estate you can relax and enjoy the tranquilly atmosphere of an off the beaten path experience.

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11:37 am, May 30, 2024
weather icon 26°C
L: 25° H: 28°
overcast clouds
Humidity 80 %
Pressure 1014 mb
Wind 19 mph E
Wind Gust: 24 mph
UV Index: 3.76
Precipitation: 0.04 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 9:41 am
Sunset: 10:28 pm

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