Walking Tour Guides

Walking Tour Guides

Location: Grenada
Saint George, Grenada | +1 473 440 2001 | info@puregrenada.com

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The St. George’s Walking Tour Guides lead our visitors on informative and exciting tours through Grenada’s capital city. Allow them to teach you more about the French inspired architecture of the town or simply meet the local farmers at the St. George’s Market Square, while expanding or beginning your collection of spices. Find the following guides near the Cruise Ship terminal, dressed in green t-shirts and discover what makes St. George’s one of the most revered capital cities in the Caribbean.

1 – 4 persons : US$10/person per hour
Group of 5 or more: US$7/person per hour

Mr. Randy Alexander loves to meet people. He has been in the tourism industry for 20 years and takes pride in sharing the history of Grenada and St. George’s on his walking tours.

Contact number: +1 473 415-0230/440-1025

Mr. Percival Smith has had a life time of experience in Tourism from snorkelling to diving, to the water taxi services to his favourite pastime of walking with his visitors and sharing the lifestyle in Grenada. He loves to wear a distinctive cape with the national colours.

Contact number: +1 473 457-1819

Mr. Herman Charles has worked in the Tourism industry for many years and when he was a cook and deckhand throughout the Grenadines he met people from all over the world. His walking experience is very personalized and his personality shines throughout his walking experience.

Contact number: +1 473 440-4917/403-3063

Mr. Lascelles Clementson has been a Tour Guide since 1995 and with his part time experience in Communications at St.George’s University, he loves to share the views, history and culture of Grenada. He enjoys the liberty of taking his guests all over St. George’s.

Contact number: +1 473 422-4779

Mr. Winston St. Bernard worked as a vendor before working on cruise ships. His travels opened his eyes to the world but his passion is sharing the history of Grenada with visitors.

Contact number: +1 473 457-2182

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