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This 586-acre island which completes the tri-island destination is situated east, off the northern half of Carriacou. About 900 persons live on the island, most of whom derive their income from boat building and fishing. Petite Martinique (Pitty-Mar-Ti-Neek) has a strong culture and rich history manifested through its traditions and festivals. The highest point on the island, the Piton (750 feet high) was once the site of the island’s maroon (former slaves) feast also known as the ‘Sugaring of the Piton’.

Our Culture

Signature festivals on this island include The Cultural Petite Martinique Heritage Weekend and the Whitsuntide Regatta.

Petite Martinique is also blessed with fine beaches on the calmer Western Leeward side. Like Carriacou, the French first settled Petite Martinique, which is evident to this day in the names of the islanders. The only option to get to Petite Martinique is via boat.

Getting to Petite Martinique

The Osprey Magic and MV Charmaine are the two main ways of getting to Petite Martinique.

No advanced booking

Leaves PM at 7:15 am to Windward Carriacou
Leaves Windward at 3pm to PM and returns to Windward at 3:30pm
Leaves Carriacou for PM at 5pm (last trip)

NB: MV Charmaine only travels weekdays.

Tickets can be bought in advance at Osprey’s Office (Carenage, St.George)

Leaves PM at 7:15 am to Hillsborough, Carriacou
Leaves Hillsborough at 12pm to PM
Final trip leaving Hillsborough is 3:30pm.

NB: The magic travels weekdays and Saturdays.

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