Carriacou Animal Hospital Volunteer Program

Carriacou Animal Hospital Volunteer Program

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Carriacou Animal Hospital is a non-profit located on the island of Carriacou, Grenada. This charity is run entirely by volunteers – permanent and visiting. University and college-graduated veterinarians and vet nurses from all over the world staff the clinic throughout the year and donate their time and skills.

Our Goals

Accessible Veterinary Care
One of our biggest goals is to meet Carriacou’s need of accessible and affordable veterinary services – especially preventative medicine – for the island’s dogs, cats and other companion animals. We are the only veterinary practice on the island.

Continuous Education
We aim to continuously educate pet owners about basic animal care, proper feeding, most common diseases and their prevention, animal behaviour, breeding health and population control. We recognize that education and understanding the responsibilities as a pet owner are the determining factors to improve animal welfare on a long-term basis.

Population Control
Population control through our spay & neuter program is important. Not only does it make for a more stable and healthier dog population, it also benefits the island with fewer roaming dogs, less unwanted puppies, less road traffic accidents and less incidents with livestock.


Whether you are a veterinary professional or a kind-hearted animal lover with a different background, there are many opportunities to volunteer for our charity and gift your time and skills. We are actively in need of veterinarians, vet nurses, social media influencers, doggie Happiness officers, foster carer, handymen or – women, photographers, fundraisers, graphic designers & printers.

Accommodation: Onsite, provided by the clinic (for veterinarians and vet nurses).

Contact: Katherine Nowell