Reminiscing on Pure Grenada Dive Fest 2019

Reminiscing on Pure Grenada Dive Fest 2019

Our first visit to the stunning islands of Grenada was for the Pure Grenada Dive Fest last year. We were so excited to be visiting both Carriacou and Grenada, travelling to a new destination, experiences some of the best diving in the Caribbean, and for the chance to meet a host of new divers in the process. As underwater photojournalists, our job is to come home to the UK with images that tell a story about the destination and diving of the places we visit. Dive Fest was a perfect week for this, as it packed-in a huge variety of different dives, as well as the chance to experience the topside attractions of Grenada.

Our itinerary had us visiting Carriacou, joining in on underwater clean-up dives, exploring wrecks, visiting the famous Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, diving the coral reefs as well as watching the annual lionfish hunt competition. Above the water we also got to enjoy the local cuisine, beer and rum whilst putting aside enough time to also explore the beautiful waterfalls set in lush forests, visit the spice market and taste the wonderous chocolate treats of the Chocolate Museum. A lot to pack into a week!


We had been commissioned to write a feature about our Pure Grenada Dive Fest experiences for Dive Travel Adventures magazine. For this we needed images that show of the very best diving Grenada had to offer, as well as shots that could give our readers a feel for what dive fest is all about – celebrating the underwater world of Grenada. We dived with 7 different dive centres over 5 days giving a real flavour of what was on offer for visiting divers. What were the highlights for us?

Seeing thousands of schooling fish under the pier in Carriacou on our first dive was amazing! In only a few meters of water to see such a spectacle was a real treat. We also loved the fact that on our underwater clean-up we found it a real challenge to find any litter, which shows that the sea is being looked after well. Back in the UK, Grenada is famous for its wreck diving and we were amazed at the range of wrecks that can be dived here, from shallow easy going dives suitable for beginners to more challenging technical dives for the more experienced. On all the wrecks we dived the marine life was incredible, from tiny frogfish to schools of fish so numerous that they obscured our view of the sunken ship. The night dive on the wreck of the Veronica L was a particular highlight. We loved the vibrant reefs, watching out for nurse sharks under every ledge and for tiny critters hiding in every sponge.

Topside we loved meeting up and eagerly talking about the days diving with fellow Dive Fest attendees each night. We loved visiting the waterfall and having fun trying to get a split shot of friends both above and below the water. We loved visiting the West Indies Beer Company for a night of great craft brews and live music. We really loved the chocolate rum!

Pure Grenada Dive Fest gave us a fantastic insight into what Grenada has to offer for divers. It also made us want to come back for more…. Fingers crossed for 2021!


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