Instagrammable Pure Grenada

Instagrammable Pure Grenada

The atmosphere was electric with the spirit of celebration spurring thousands of spectators to their feet in camaraderie at the newly named Kirani James Athletics Stadium. It was the night of the inaugural Grenada Invitational, and we couldn’t wait to see ‘King James’ and World Champions: Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Kim Collins burn some rubber on our track.

More than 100 pro athletes from Grenada and abroad stunned the crowd in between bouts of Mexican waves and horn and whistle melodies. We watched as world-class athletes competed before our eyes and got to experience first-hand the buzz of a roaring Olympic stadium. When Kirani James, Grenada’s first Olympic Gold medallist won his 400-meter race on home soil, we screamed, cried and danced, satisfied that Pure Grenada hosted a successful professional Caribbean sports meet to a sold-out stadium and 39.5 million homes via ESPN Caribbean.

A few days after the jubilation, you may have spotted headlines coining Pure Grenada the most ‘Instagrammable Island’. We can now officially brag that this title was uttered by our visiting travel journalist Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon ‘Jetsetsarah’ during her coverage of the Grenada Invitational. Now… Sarah has been to more than a few incredibly stunning locations in the Caribbean, so when ‘Jetsetsarah’ says it’s ‘Instagrammable’ it certainly is.

“Grenada is the most Instagrammable Island. You can’t take a bad picture here”

Just to prove Sarah 100% right. We’ve compiled 11 of the best shots (and poses) published on Instagram from visiting media, special guests and participating athletes during the Grenada Invitational 2017. Enjoy, like, comment, repost and book your escape to Pure Grenada to capture your very own.

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