What’s On in 2017

Beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls and coma-inducing cuisine, if that’s still not enough to get you to book your escape to paradise now, our exciting list of events for 2017 certainly will!

Carriacou Carnival | February 27 2017 |


We love Carnival festivities so much in Grenada we get to do it twice! At Carriacou Carnival expect to hear body moving soca music, see wonderfully expressive street dances and culturally enlightening traditions such as our authentic Shakespeare Mas, Jouvert Morning and Calypso competitions. Our Shakespeare Mas festivities, where male revellers dress in bright colours and engage in a battle of Shakespeare citations, cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. We can guarantee that this will be a memorable experience.



Grenada Invitational Track and Field Meet | Apr. 08  | Grenada Athletics Stadium


On April 8th, 2017 our world class Athletics Stadium will be graced by some of the most brilliant Athletes in Track and Field. The likes of Veronica Campbell-Brown, Asafa Powell, Kim Collins and much more will compete alongside our Grenadian track and field stars. This is the first major meet of the 2017 outdoor track and field meets so save the date now! If you didn’t make it to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, then this is your chance to witness greatness in action in the Caribbean region.

7th Annual Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival | Apr. 28 – 30 | Carriacou


Some travel for relaxation and others travel for culturally awakening experiences. You can do both if you travel to our sister island Carriacou during the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival. Maroon culture is about giving thanks to the source of all life, production and prosperity. The island’s African origins are authentically depicted through drumming, singing and the eating of ‘smoked food’ and much more. At this festival, you’re guaranteed to be moved by the vibrations of heavy drumming and groove to the sweet sounds of string band music from popular musicians in Carriacou.



2nd Annual Pure Grenada Music Festival | May 05 – 07 | Islandwide


After a successful debut, the second annual Pure Grenada Music Festival is coming back with more amazing world music and environmental initiatives that educate people on how to Go Green. With confirmed performances from reggae stars Third World, Tarrus Riley and Queen Ifrica, it’s set to be another exciting week of inspiring music and examples of how to enjoy life, good music and food, while protecting our planet.

4th Annual Grenada Chocolate Festival | May 12 – 21 | Islandwide


At Grenada Chocolate Festival you don’t have to worry about consuming lots of chocolate because our organic dark chocolate, grown in rich soil is good for you! At this unique festival, you can celebrate chocolate Grenadian style and indulge yourself in a unique experience that educates you on the ethical ways to grow organic cocoa. This is your chance to discover the aromas, flavours, scents and benefits of luxurious pure cocoa butter, savour the aroma of fresh herbs and cocoa teas, kick back and relax with your friends while you indulge in dishes and desserts made with organic dark chocolate. What more could you ask for!



Tri de Spice -Triathlon | Jul. 09 | St. George’s


Tri de Spice, Grenada’s annual international triathlon attracts the interest of avid triathletes from all ages and abilities around the world. And what a perfect setting to run, swim and cycle in while appreciating the beauty of Pure Grenada. There’s something for everyone with lots more exciting activities for friends and family alike, which is why this event is perfect for triathletes who want to compete in an activity they love while experiencing the authentic Caribbean.



52nd Annual Carriacou Regatta | Aug. 04 – 07  | Carriacou


Carriacou’s seafaring heritage and communities come alive during the month of August. And if you’re already visiting for Spicemas, it’s the perfect time to hop over to our sister island for some water based fun. You’ll be charmed by everyone’s love of the sea, impressed by the boat building skills passed down through generations, but most of all, you’ll be entertained by their natural inclination to compete, which is what makes Carriacou Regatta one of the most excitingly diverse regattas in the Caribbean.

Spicemas Carnival | Aug. 14 – 15 | Islandwide


You have not lived until you’ve experienced Spicemas Carnival. Climaxing on the second Monday and Tuesday in August, Spicemas Carnival is brimming with pomp and pageantry expressing the linkages to our African, French, British and Caribbean heritage. It’s colourful, free of inhibitions, stamina-testing and full of humour and surprises. There are calypso competitions, soca sing-offs, steel pan orchestras, carnival queens and too much to mention that you’ll just have to be in Pure Grenada to experience it. Don’t miss out on this awesome fun-filled experience.



Annual Carriacou Parang Festival | Dec. 15 – 17 | Carriacou


What better way to end the year than to the comedic lyrics of Parang music?  Parang is traditionally played at Christmas and contains a humorous expose of the year of events, sung over a rhythm made up of whatever instruments are on hand at the time. Carriacou Parang Festival is the perfect opportunity to visit the stunning island of Carriacou and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival this year. The rich and diverse traditions in Carriacou will have you amazed and you’re sure to be hypnotised by Big Drum, Quadrille Dancing, Shakespeare Mas performances and traditional ceremonies like Tombstone Feast and much more.

Need more information about any of the events listed above. Visit http://puregrenada.com/plan/events/ or email us on info@puregrenada.com 


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