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What is Grenada Rocks

‘Grenada Rocks’ introduces the warm and friendly people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as the storytellers of the wonders and boundless beauty of this destination. After all, who better to tell this story right? This campaign introduces a cast  of Grenadians on island and in the Diaspora, who speak of how Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique ‘rock’ as a multifaceted nation with diverse experiences. Look forward to seeing our fashion designers, artists, artisans, chefs, tour guides and Grenadians from every walk of life telling their exciting stories. ‘Grenada Rocks’ has come to fruition because of the contributions, hard work and love of the Grenadian people, and the GTA looks forward to it being a global success. The GTA will release its series of videos in the coming weeks and encourages everyone to share the campaign videos, as well as their personal ‘Grenada stories’ using the hashtag #GrenadaRocks. For more information on the campaign visit


Born in St. Mark, Grenada, Jevaughn John, known in the music industry as V’ghn, is one of the islands’ most energetic and charismatic artiste/songwriters. From his powerful vocal range to his commanding stage presence, innate songwriting ability and infectious personality, he is one of Grenada’s rising stars in the music industry. V’ghn discovered his love for music and entertainment at the tender age of 11 years old and made his debut at the Grenada National Soca Monarch finals at age 16 where he placed 3rd, one of the youngest people to do so in the competition’s history. Since then, he has perfected his craft, capturing the 2019 Grenada Groovy Monarch title and placing 3rd in the 2019 International Groovy Soca Monarch with his hit single ‘Trouble in the Morning.’ V’ghn’s music is deeply inspired by and connected to his love for Grenada

Fe Noel

This daughter of the soil has been making waves on the international fashion scene with her vibrant colours and bold prints being worn former US first lady Michelle Obama and international recording artiste Beyonce. ‘Fe’ born Felisha Noel is a womenswear designer from Brooklyn, New York with a passion for travel. She is heavily influenced by her Grenadian heritage and large close-knit family especially crediting her mother and grandmother for showing her what drive and determination can earn. Fe Noel’s fashion designs continue to be inspired by the beauty of Grenada and its warm and friendly people.

Oil Down
The Grenadian Experience

If there was one dish that ultimately represents Grenadian cuisine, it is definitely Oil down. It’s a Grenadian thing… This
seriously tasty one pot meal is the National dish of Grenada which includes salted cod, herring or salted meats (all 3 if you like), cooked in a bath of coconut milk and turmeric along with breadfruit, dumplings, ground provisions and covered with callaloo leaves. This dish is the pride of the Grenadian people and can be seen cooking on a fireside or at home throughout the year.

Mannish Waters

Quite a name, but an unforgettable flavour. We are happy to present to you one of the delicacies that is a community staple in Grenada.Enjoy the Grenadian Mannish Waters Experience