Five (5) things you can do on the beautiful unspoilt island of Petite Martinique

Five (5) things you can do on the beautiful unspoilt island of Petite Martinique


Hike to the highest peak (The Piton)

One of the most popular things to do on the island of Petite Martinique is a guided hike up to highest peak, the Piton, rising 750 feet above sea level. Starting from Sanchez, you can walk up the road to Sugar Hill through Morne. From there, you’ll need to follow the trail and hike uphill in order to reach the peak. Once at the top, you’ll enjoy the spectacular views of northern Petite Martinique as well as nearby Grenadines islands like Petit St. Vincent, Union Island, Palm Island, Mayreau, Canouan and Mustique.

Explore the Darant Bay Cave

Explore the hidden cave located in Darant bay, Madam Pierre, Petite Martinique. This cave is another spectacular beauty, one of the hidden gems of Petite Martinique. The cave is only accessible or best visited at low tide. One can enjoy the beautiful view of Petite St. Vincent and Union Island from Darant Bay.

Discover Our Beaches

They are many beaches to choose from on Petite Martinique. Sanchez beach are perfect for sailing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing, whilst Mang beach offer calmer waters more suited to snorkeling, swimming and family picnicking.

There’s also the pebble beach which is located on the southwest coast of Petite Martinique. An off-road journey to this area takes you to an untouched beauty many have yet to see. Enjoy the beautiful view of Petit Dominique, Fruita and our sister island Carriacou.

Dine at Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar

Dining is also a favorite activity and Petite Martinique has a range of restaurants, bars, and fine dining options. If you’re looking for a nice place to relax while enjoying some tropical cocktail and freshly cooked Caribbean meals, then Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place.

Palm Beach Restaurant is a small family owned company on the island of Petite Martinique that opened its doors to the public in the year 1993. During its years of service, it has been serving quality food to tourist and locals in a beautiful garden setting on the beach with a picturesque view of the harbor and neighboring islands.

At the restaurant one can sit back and enjoy the sunset while savoring one of the restaurant’s many cocktails or take the opportunity to catch up with friends and family on the internet using their free WiFi. The restaurant prides itself on using local produce wherever possible growing several of the fruits and vegetables found on the menu.

The restaurant provides moorings for its guest who wish to anchor in the harbor and every year welcome our state dignitaries on their visit to the island.

Other great places to eat and relax on the island includes Eclipse Sports Bar and Grill and GG’s Bar and Grill. All is idly located in Sanchez, few minutes away from the Jetty. It is important to visit each of the Restaurant and bars on the island, since most have become famous for everything from freshly caught grill fish, seafood, cocktails to beautiful scenery!

Experience Sailing in Petite Martinique.

Plan your trip to coincide with the Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta festival.  The Whitsuntide Regatta is best time to visit, representing one of the most famous sailing events on the calendar.  It is rightly famous for its unique blend of local boat racing on-shore activities and the hospitality of its people.

The Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta Festival is scheduled for Friday, May 29th to June 1st, 2020.