9 Steps to your Pure Safe Vacation

9 Steps to your Pure Safe Vacation

Protocols for visitors to Grenada:

1. Book approved accommodation for a MINIMUM of 7 days

2. Apply for travel authorization at least one (1) week prior to your travel date

3. Get RT-PCR tested 72 hours prior to travel

4. Show Travel Authorization Certificate AND copy of negative RT-PCR test before boarding (Grenada now accepts Collinson’s testing using RT-LAMP technology as a PCR test for entry. The test can be taken at London Heathrow before boarding Virgin Atlantic flights to Grenada- Testing link)

5. Take approved airport taxi or tour operator transfer service to approved quarantine accommodation upon arrival

6. Be guided by your approved accommodation rules and protocols

7. A COVID-19 PCR test will be administered on or after day 5 by the Ministry of Health at a cost of US$150/EC$410 to be paid online prior to travel https://pay.gov.gd/

8. After clearance is received from Health Officials, you are permitted to leave the quarantine hotel, or to continue your stay in the “non-quarantine” section of the property. See complete details https://covid19.gov.gd/travel-covid/

9. Pure Safe Travel Approved Tourism Services must be used when interacting with the public. See details https://www.puregrenada.com/approved-tourism-services/


Testing in Grenada

Testing in Grenada can be facilitated for you by your Accommodation or Tour Operator in the comfort of your hotel room. The following is the information for testing clinics on island.


Lateral Flow Tests/ Antigen Tests Accepted by US/ UK (FDA & WHO Approved)

Cost: ECD $150 by appointment
Turn-around time: 20 MINS


RT-PCR Tests – Accepted by US/UK/ Canada (Accepted in Barbados for IN-TRANSIT PASSENGERS)

  • SAMBA 11 – Manufactured by DRW and carries a CE certification

Cost: ECD $450/ US $170
Turn- around Time: 2 hours by appointment

  • Biofire Film Array Torch Respiratory Panel 2.1 – Carries an FDA EUA

Cost: ECD $800/ US $300
Turn- around Time: 1 hour by appointment

  • RT-PCR: PAHO certified Accepted by US/ UK/ Canada/ Barbados

Cost: ECD $410/ US $150

Turn- around time: 24-48hrs Walk-ins only- General Hospital Mon- Fri: 8:30-11am

Travel Hotline

Call our customer service lines for travel related queries.

Toll free USA only – 1 888 251 1732 – 8am to 10pm (Atlantic Standard Time)

Worldwide – 1 213 283 0754 – 8am to 10pm (Atlantic Standard Time)

Callers on island – 440-0670 – 8am to 4pm