4th Annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest ‘The Virtual Experience’

4th Annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest ‘The Virtual Experience’

Introducing the 4th Annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest – ‘The Virtual Experience’ from the 25th September to 25th October, 2020.

Following the cancellation of Grenada’s 4th annual physical dive festival this year, due to COVID-19, the Grenada Scuba Diving Association (GSDA), supported by the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association (GHTA), decided upon a digital edition. Pure Dive Fest ‘The Virtual Experience’ will take viewers to Out of this World dive sites, show them the diversity of Grenada & Carriacou’s healthy marine eco-system, and inspire people to take the plunge and join us underwater.

Follow Pure Dive Fest’s diving adventures over the next four weeks by tuning into Pure Diving’s Facebook or Instagram profiles @grenadapurediving. Virtually experience the thrilling things you can see and do underwater in Grenada & Carriacou. Learn, explore and be inspired!

Pure Dive Fest will launch to coincide with the anniversary of the sinking of the Tyrrell Bay wreck. She is the latest addition to our wreck lovers’ portfolio of amazing dive sites in Grenada & Carriacou. Learn about her interesting service life to the people of Grenada, the story of her ‘clean’ sinking, and her continued contribution to Grenada via a wonderful and popular attraction as an artificial reef.

One live event will be hosted in 2020 – ‘Beginners Day’. An excited group of Grenadian non-divers have been invited to come and experience a scuba diving lesson in the swimming pool. Stay tuned to find out who we will be taking diving – you’re going to love them!

Grenada & Carriacou have so much to offer Scuba Divers, Freedivers and Snorkelers. The weekly posts and stories with action-packed videos and stunning photos will entertain and inspire.

Pure Dive Fest culminates on the 59th Anniversary of the sinking of our ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’, the Bianca C shipwreck, and will turn our sights forward to a creative season ahead.

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